Friday, March 28, 2014

44 Bangkok

Meanwhile, back in Bangkok...

Met a bloke today who is cycling Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and then not sure where. He was zipping in from the airport while I was photographing the roadside campaign posters for Sunday's senatorial election (as one does).
Greg's planning on a year and a half on the road and maybe a sore bum. The senatorial candidate is planning four years in office, a massive new house extension, a couple of places overseas for the kids and a fair whack lobbed into his bank account after he's voted for a couple of infrastructure mega projects, allegedly.

He (Greg not the suited trusted parliamentary fellow) has already cycled a circuit of the USA and having looked at his web pages (search 'starving cyclist') it is clear he's pedaled a fair few of the countries to the south. I hope he likes south east Asia as much as I do.

I'll be thinking he's needing the protection of the Journey / Travelling Gods. Here are the Sri Lankan versions keeping out the hot sun at their little temple on the beach in Sri Lanka.

People like Greg are inspirations for me.

And now, I really must get back to re-writing the "Oxford" page, to remembering my lost Oxford cycling and rowing days.


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