Saturday, March 8, 2014

21 Tulum

Time for an interlude... to Mexico and 2012.

I am excited. I've found a fair number of photographic files I thought I had lost. It might have made my day!

What happened was that my iPod was playing up and I was having a hard time listening to the latest BBC podcasts on the treadmill in the gym under my apartment. The way round this was to  upload the podcasts onto my laptop and not bother transferring them to my iPod. Lug the laptop into the gym and stick the headphone cable into it. A smart wise move huh? Well yes, and well no.

Imagine two treadmills next to each other. My laptop is perched on the "handlebars" on the treadmill on the left, I am sweating and pounding it out for nearly 60 minutes on the larger stronger treadmill on the right. My aircraft Bose noise reducing headphones are cocooning me in my own little world. Something happens, I forget I am wired in and on a treadmill and lift my arm (wiping sweat off my nose or scratching my itchy head or doing something with my towel, all while pegging along on the treadmill, wrapped up in BBC podcast, exactly what I can't remember) and that pulls the cable on the headphones and pulls the lap top off the treadmill bouncing onto the floor and then I stop and yet I don't stop because the rubber walkway motors are going still and... in short, I'm glapping like a goose and hard drive has found an early death. With that I thought had gone my Mexico photos.

Though seeing I am older and wiser I write the experience off to adding to my experiences, and while a little hollow about the saga, and knowing a replacement laptop will cost a few bob, I resign myself to having loved and lost rather than never have loved at all. Fucking again.

Well ha ha ha ha to that discarded romance. Today I found I 'd already uploaded a good many of the trip to another place in the sky. But had forgotten about it and forgotten where.

The internet. It's like a virtual attic, or bedroom cupboard. Never know what is stuck in what box; because mid life bachelors, unlike our mums, don't do a spring cleaning every year.

Tulum. Mexico. I visited it in 2012 on a trek from Mexico City through to the Yucatan, down into Guatemala, over to Belize and back up into Cuba to return to Mexico City and another pause in foggy San Francisco.

Tulum has to be one of my favourite photogeninc places to wander around and look at olde worlde "Was God and Astronaut" ruins. No, he wasn't an astronaut. God does not exist. Men made Tulum and they took a long time about it.

Getting to the park gates not long after the crack of dawn meant I'd beaten the coach parties and other tourists. I could run round the place thinking of how I would turn it into an 18 hole golf course if I was Donald Trump, and I could bathe in the sea without hardly anyone messing up the photos.

That sunshine was fabulous.

Finding lost photos. Ecstatic. Better than stumbling over lost biblical sheep if you ask atheist me.

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