Monday, March 17, 2014

36 The Med

Turkey and Crete

In Oxford at 25 I had a job, I had a marriage and I had a mortgage. I enjoyed them all. I went on summer Mediterranean holidays for heat, sunshine and "a rest."

Fellow rat racers did similar things.

The aim was to use that mid year fortnight to get a tan and to regain some health.

Two week summer holidays in the sun, tanning and eating. When I was on them they were great. It was a shame about the build up and the wake. These days my HR colleagues would label it 'Work Life Imbalance.' In the Gecko years of 1989 no one accepted that such an idea needed to exist.

I even had the car... but at 25 I couldn't relax into being a maturing-and-on-his-way-to-leading-a-family man. The talk at home was to often about getting more, and preparing for the days of oncoming children. At 25 it didn't seem right to always be thinking  of being past 30. I at last had a company car, a soulmate and an acceptable salary. Why not enjoy ourselves? Why not kick back and live up and as one for a few years?

Having left Oxford at 26 I'd also left a job, left a marriage and left the house to whoever wanted it. I'd pick up again when the timing and the place was right. Or at least somewhat better.

For my ex, I hoped for her to find a more compatible person and potential father before her biological clock went off. There'd been nothing not right about her at all.

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