Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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I know where this blog is going...

...but do you?

I've just had a thought. I know what has been happening in the last 49 years and across Planet Earth and therefore I know what I am likely to write about. But you lot don't know what may happen. You're in a tunnel not knowing if the end is in sight. Maybe you feel helpless like a child in the back of your dad's Vauxhall Viva feeling sleepy, or a tad travel sick, and wondering "are we nearly there yet?" or "how many minutes?" or "can we stop for a wee?" and "will we be going to the service station soon." Relax. Take a look a the map, here you are...


Finchley, Kenton, Kingsbury, Hendon, Wembley, Harrow (done a few of these already) and all the north west London areas that refer to my adolescence.

Hull, Yarmouth, Norwich, Snowdonia, and UK holidaying spots that refer to youthful holiday time. (Done a few of these as well.)

Germany, Switzerland, Texas as the first overseas jaunts and explorations.

Nottingham and Oxford and the activities that go with my university years. Like maize castrating in France (for money), rowing on the Isis and at the Head. Trips to Belgium, Holland, Barcelona and other locales for marvellous architecture and urban design case studies.

Marlow and working related spots. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Boston, Florida and the territories in the region I was responsible for as a blossoming shaving marketer. And Albania.

Time off and away to East Africa. Zanzibar, Tanzania, Malawi, Zaire, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana.

Short interlude as a pet food marketer in a terrific part of England with a taste of India.

...and away to Hong Kong never to return to live in the UK. Taiwan, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand for a daytrip ... you get the idea.

Into living in Thailand. So we'll get deeper into the cities and the countryside and the political developments of the last 15 years (including a coup, some tear gassing and more than a couple of riots) and at the same time work trips to the Middle East to complement areas already stomped on.

To work in Vietnam.

To traveling again, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Cuba, Argentina, Antarctic...

...and to settle once more in Bangkok and rural Thailand.

"All those moments will be lost in time.
  Like tears in rain."

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