Tuesday, March 11, 2014

26 Agra

The next few posts in this blog will develop...

The Taj Mahal from Agra Fort in the 1980s

The Taj Mahal from Agra Fort, turn of the 21st Century

...after I have revisited them a few times - to first put down notes and flows, expand and flesh them out, prĂ©cis and adjust for character, revise and edit, revise and edit again.

I can't wait. I've got to publish the places now. This will keep me to an acceptable level of flow along the time and space thing that I want to achieve. If I put in too much out of sequence I might lose the point of what it is that I am trying to make.

I'll write the next posts up and revisit them as much as I need to get them right. Publish, edit, publish, edit, publish and edit.

I want to get onto loading in and playing with Oxford as soon as possible.

But Oxford shouldn't arrive until I've been back into Venice and Vicenza (where I want to address the issue of universities and education), Radford (ending formal education and how a camera and a bicycle were important possessions), Jamaica (Dustin Hoffman and James Bond), and Austin, Texas (because I had missed out Austin when I was writing about Fort Worth and Philmont. Austin should slot in there with my appreciation of Thunderbirds. I forgot. I do have to address it.)

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