Thursday, March 13, 2014

33 Nong Ki

It's the land, stupid...

Today we upped the land lease agreement from one rai to two rai. Just in case I need it, of course. And as you do. A spare rai may come in handy to build an English pub, an Aussie sports bar or a Big Green Mango Buri Ram Reggae pub. Who knows what could happen in the next 30 years?

What that rai out the back definitely means is that I won't have to tolerate pikey neighbours parking their caravan and scrap metal merchant yard slap next to my sunbathing and barbecue space. Because they will be another 50 plus yards away.

For the record, here are my costs so far, in case Kevin McCloud comes along and does his smarmy parental bit at the end of the show, when he enquires about budgets and over runs. Which, truth be told, is him showing the plebs that cutting out Audi driving architects and project managers is but false economics.

42,000THB for preparing the 'chanote' document transfers, the lease agreement and the land registering.

Land registry taxes
40,000THB  per rai. 80,000THB.

Ground work
One rai of land at 200,000THB.

Architects and builders' quotations still coming in as I type.

If I look at it this way. If nothing else happens. I have a place to pitch a tent, flood free and without waterlogging, for the next thirty years. Glass half full.

It gets better...

42,000 + (2 x 40,000) + 200,000 = 322,000THB

322,000 THB / 54 (GBP) = 5,962 Great, Smashing and Marvellous British Pounds

30 years = (7 * 366) + (23 *365)

= 2,562 + 8,396

= 10,958 days

10,958 days for 5,962 pounds is 54 pence a night.

54 pence! That has to be better than the rates Pear Wood, Chalfont, Gilwell Park and Broadstone Warren charged us Scouts in the 1970s (even without taking into account inflation at an average of 1.04 over 36 years).

My pint glass brimmeth over.


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