Monday, March 17, 2014

38 Klongton Nua

Improving the here, moving ahead on the now.

As of this moment, one of the most challenging tasks for building my own house in Village Thailand has been to find an architect / designer who can take my sketch, plan, idea and turn it into workable drawings that a builder can follow.

I think tomorrow's trip to Nong Ki will get me over this hurdle. For 30,000THB it will be money very well spent.

I'm very much looking forward to making my own place in which to put my stuff.

With stuff in there I will have more freedom to bugger off on six months trips again. A base from which to launch is what it will be. A garage to park in at the end of an unpredictable day. A ... enough of that.
So far all I have to show is legalities, 3,200 cubic metres of moved dirt and lots of chat and promises.
Fingers crossed that by Songkhran we will be able to start the build.

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