Sunday, April 19, 2015

How This Works....

If you want to taste the essence of why I am writing this "blog" I think it's best for you to start at my first entry, here...

That method would be far more enjoyable than kicking off into my latest words posted in the last few weeks.

Yup. I'd suggest that you read this thing from its internet back to its internet front. From the bottom to the top. In doing so this way you can also pretend you're a Japanese Sumarai reading in the whack way they did.

Yes. Please. Do your thing in a western hemisphere occidental reverse. There's no obligation to read my last "chapter" first, just because I chucked it on the top of the out tray.

While you're at it, bounce into some movies and zoom into the still images. Do them in a post- modern / "no words" / John Berger once met Susan Sontag sort of manner. All the stuff I've popped in is all part of the plot.

There's three main themes running through my writing.

The thick spine and core is me remembering my world as it's unwrapped through travel and time.

Then there's the current and ongoing saga of building an architect designed house in rural Thailand. I've always wanted my own home, a bloke home, a white box home designed by someone who knows what they are doing home. Now I'm getting one.

And lastly there are psychotherapeutic outsplurges that I need to offload - as significant events in Thai history happen. I'm living through the dying throes of one of the world's last monarchies. It is fascinating watching whether it tumbles backward into military rule or evolves forward into a country led by its people for its people. "Living inside it as an outsider" is certainly a different experience; though sometimes upsetting.

Oh and right.... there's one last and large advantage for starting at the beginning, at the bottom of my pile. I'm more likely to have properly written up the ancient posts, edited them and made them easier to read. On the top of the pile there's often just notes, scans, a couple of photos and a splurp of brain dump.

Away you go...


161 Kota aka Batavia

Went back to the Café Batavia where I went with my Mead Johnson client in an evening.

Today it was with a mate from my cash and carry days.

Good chat.

People's what's what.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

154 The Black Desert

 "Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night."

Sunday, March 1, 2015

153 Singapore

...getting a new work visa the same chocolate box preserved twee Singapore.

Did the war memorial and they were playing hockey at the cricket club.

Thought of Mike Morris. Hotel room waiting for the six nations Ireland England behind Orchard Road.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

152 Dinso Ratchadamnern Central World Cambridge

Watched Stephen Hawking in a cinema

Oscars night



loves released

minds in trapped bodies


Sunday, February 1, 2015

151 Hotel to House Karawaci

Spent three weeks holed up in a hotel room.

Now in a house smelling of wood glue.

Placeless again for a while. But not for long.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

150 Karawaci, Indonesia

Last week they came into my flat and took away my home. They packed it into boxes and left me with three bedrooms a kitchen and a space where I once felt attached.

That place in Mitr Mansion has gone now. Gone forever.

And today I am in another hotel in another town in another country starting another retailing job.

At sunset today, I closed down my lap top. Looked out over a golf course and headed into an awful shopping mall and hypermarket. It is no wonder that such places are dying in America. They should be culled here.

Got back in time for sunset. And a hotel pub meal in the basement with the hotel band.

Place and Placelessness. Edward Relph. First read 31 years ago in Nottingham and still relevant to me today in what once was the hinterlands of Batavia. Back in Bangkok they are sending me news that the engineer has approved the design for my barn and that it is possible that it could stand up longer than an Indonesian shopping mall.