Friday, May 2, 2014

74 Dar Es Salaam

Diary Entry

"Africa. Note Book #1. Sunday 25th October 1992.

"We arrived into Dar es Salaam airport at 10.00am. The rickety baggage conveyor had gave me an idea of what to expect from East Africa; it sort of works but don't expect many unnecessary frills. Catherine and I picked up our rucksacks, the heaviest rucksacks in the world,

"A whizz through the customs and immigration booths hassle free. As an extra we showed our Yellow Fever certificates to the health officials. Until now I've not been to a place where I've had to prove to the locals that I won't get sick, nor die on them, nor be a financial burden.

"Officially "in" we changed one hundred dollars cash into five billion trillion near worthless Tanzanian shillings. Out and into we went and negotiated fares at the taxi rank to head straight to Dar’s port. By 2.00pm we were on the Zanzibar ferry. Stevie Wonder lookalikes, a couple dozen mum and child combinations, an African albino and two melted Kit Kats."


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