Sunday, April 20, 2014

65 Bangkok

Stan's got a cowboy hat and a wig...

...he's also got chemo therapy. His wavy curly knackered gray hair is falling out. His beard, wavy curly knackered gray, is hanging on in. As are his pubes. So Stan says.

My mate of ten years more was in the pub yesterday - lunchtime - drinking a bottle of Lao and surfing the internet for free.

The cowboy hat's got Ronaldino embroidered on the ribbon facing out to the front. Which is weird. The wig's got lively weighty pom meechee wichee wah strands of long straight medium brown hair, about a foot long or so, sewn in. Which is mad.

Cowboy hat, long straight brown wig hair, pasty drawn face, and same old same old goatee beard.

Stan's not fighting cancer. Stan's taking the piss out of it.

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