Tuesday, August 26, 2014

101 Lake Malawi

What I'm doing (trying to be doing that is) is write about my being and my times and my space. I'm "writing" my life as its the only one I know. And I'm writing it through the places I've been.

Simultaneously, I'm living my life now and here. You'll get bits and pieces about living in Bangkok and building a house in a village in upcountry Thailand. Unfortunately I'm wrapped in the disgusting hierarchical days of an ultra royalist / military coup and rule by junta. On the bright side I'm living in a hopeful era that may witness the death of another monarchic dynasty. Thus, interstuffed into my life through travel you may well get Bangkok episodes and housebuilding tales, just because I find it therapeutic to bang them in here.

....you just happen to have landed in Malawi, when I was 27. I'm 50 now. And in Bangkok.

I'm going through my photo albums scanning and binning. Writing up my travel diaries.


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