Wednesday, July 30, 2014

87 Bangkok

Let me ask you this...

...if in the place where you had decided to live today, August 2014, the place you had decided that you wanted to put down roots... because you understood and liked the people you lived alongside, the place you had worked in for the last two decades and all the other stuff....  if the Army with their tanks, guns and interrogation camps decided to oust the elected civilian government, the government elected by your intelligent, educated, hard working friends; this would be the same army that four years earlier killed dead hundreds of people....

....what would you think?

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Thailand Protests: Crackdown As it Happened
The Guardian
20th May 2010

The worst fears about the situation in Thailand appear to be being borne out today as the Thai army move in against thousands of redshirt protesters in central Bangkok.
Using armoured vehicles they broke through make shift barricades in an operation that killed at least four people.

Two journalists were among 50 people wounded and one western journalist, identified as an Italian is believed to be dead.

Associated Press: "Surreal scenes of warfare erupted in one of the ritziest parts of the capital, as troops armed with M-16s marched through the central business district past upscale apartment buildings to retake the area around manicured Lumpini Park, which has been under the control of protesters camped there for weeks.

Bangkok has descended into chaos, writes Ben Doherty. "Troops are moving into the redshirts central city protest camp firing indiscriminately, as they seek to take back control of the capital's streets... ...I saw a Thai man shot as he crouched behind an ambulance which came to rescue him. After coming under fire the ambulance retreated leaving the man stranded in the street.
Soldiers also moved through the adjacent Lumpini Park, the biggest park in central Bangkok, backed by personnel carriers.

Moving up Ratchadamri Road, troops fired indiscriminately. Journalists, ambulances and paramedics all attracted fire.

Ratchadamri Road is behind the four soldiers I photographed above.

Witnesses say at least six more bodies from the Bangkok unrest are lying in a Buddhist temple in the protest zone, according to Associated Press. If true the deaths would bring today's toll to at least 12. Associated Press: "They say the temple, Wat Pathum Vanaram, was supposed to be a sanctuary for protesters from the street violence but troops have yet to secure the surrounding area. Hundreds of people fled there after the army launched a crackdown to end a two-month standoff in the Thai capital.

"Medical volunteer Anan Thongniem said the dead included two protesters, one protest 'guard' and two medics."


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